March 25, 2011

Why yes, I would appreciate it if you brought panda-express by. Thanks for offering.

I got a 34 on my ACT...just sayin.

Math -32

my lowest section, whereas math has always been my highest :/

English - 35

went up 3 points :D

Science -33

THIS was a miracle.

Reading - 34

stayed the same...

Ended the term with an A- in AP Calc :/ But now I have a 34, and almost definite full-ride to BYU! I'm so glad term 3 is over. I got behind, so it feels good to have finally caught up and be done!

March 19, 2011

Ohh please.

Here's another one. I think I'm gonna barf.

Why do I love Yahoo! News so much? Anyway, here's a feel-good story about JUSTICE.

link is here :)

"Thats it. I got it! Elvis is trying to tell us to do a hula about a chicken!" -Lilo

We performed at a local high school for their multicultural assembly. I'm second from the left on the back row. Got my arm around my cute little sister.

Currently taking a way down memory lane. BRB. Or I'll just stay...

"If I could have 5 wishes I would, wish for food, battories, responsibility, more fun and work. That would make life easy. I'm sure of it." (My 2nd grade journal, 9/19/01)
I would put "(sic)" to show that I really do know how to spell batteries, but I'm pretty sure you can't put "(sic)" behind something that you've written.
Friends. At a time when I need them most, I have no idea where they are...let alone who they are. I have him, and he helps. But where are they?!

March 18, 2011

This week has been way too long

My little sister auditioned to be in the high school chamber orchestra next year!! If she makes it, we'll be together :) we're also taking AP bio at the same time :D

Yesss senior year will be the best :)

March 17, 2011

how to hula dance (:

Hula dancing is a great activity to be involved in. Hula is the best way to get physical activity, learn symbolic dance moves, and attract brown boys. In a few simple steps, you could be on stage, shaking your hips for the world.

1) The first and most important step is to bend your knees. If all else fails, make sure that your knees are bent! Your feet need to be flat on the floor, and your shoulders should be level. While you dance, your torso needs to remain completely stable. Beware of bouncing or rocking while you dance, because your audience might become seasick.

2) The basic step of hula is kaholo. Begin by facing your body to the audience. Ball up your fists, and place them on your hips so that the space between your elbows and waist makes a triangle. Your head needs to face the way that you are moving. Your back should be straight, and your shoulders relaxed.

3) Turn your head to the right. Take a side step to the right with your right foot. Bring your left foot over to meet the other one. Repeat this step so that you’ve taken two to the right. This move is similar to the grape vine except that one, you’re hula dancing and not doing Jane Fonda aerobics, and two, your feet don’t cross over each other. For kaholo, this “step-touch-step-together” motion will be repeated many times, alternating from left to right. Remember that when you are moving to the left, your head should be facing left. You always look in the direction that you are going. That’s also an important life lesson. Always look toward the path you are headed. (A mini step that I will insert here is that hula dancers should be very in tune with nature and symbolism).

4) Make sure that your knees are still bent and that your arms are in the right place. This is key to step four, which is hip motion. When you step with your right foot, your weight naturally shifts to the left leg. This forces your hip to push left. As your weight is transferred to the right leg, your hips will follow it and end up poking out on the right. The more you bend your knees, the more exaggerated the movement becomes. Ensure that you are confident with the step pattern before you begin focusing on hips. Also, don’t overdo the hips because then you might end up looking fake and all the islanders will call you a haole.

5) Smile! If you ever find yourself completely lost on stage, be sure to smile (and bend your knees). When people watch hula dancing, they expect to see a happy and cheerful girl. Be her! Unless you’re a guy, in which case you need to be reading the article about “how-to-do-the-haka” or “how-to-eat-as-much-food-as-you-want-without-getting-full.” Regardless, be sure to smile. (Cue segue for next life lesson.) You should always smile all the time anyway, no matter how you’re feeling. Your attitude could potentially brighten someone else’s day. That truly is the spirit of aloha, choosing to be happy and spreading that joy.

6) Now that you know how to do the basic step of hula, it’s time to look the part. Hula dancers traditionally have thick, long, and dark hair. If your hair isn’t styled that way, it’s time to grow it out. Puritans had it right when they said that hair is a form of womanly vanity. Once your hair is long and luscious, clip a flower into it; put it behind your right ear if you’re single, and left if you’re taken. Or you can lie about your status in order to pick up cute Hawaiian boys. For your outfit, pa’u skirts are traditionally worn. They are scrunched on the top and then bell out at the bottom so as to emphasize hip movement. A pa’u top is cute similarly to a tube top. (It does show off your shoulders; however, they are worn at the LDS Polynesian Cultural Center, meaning that it’s kosher for Mormons to wear pa’u tops.) Jewelry can supplement the outfit and make you look more professional. A lei of kukui nuts would look really nice along with a few anklets and bracelets. For a more traditional style of dance, a leaf headdress would be great.

Above all, hula dancing should be fun. Now that you know the basic step of hula, practice it, perform it, and master it. (Then look for the “how-to-do-other-hula-steps-besides-kaholo” article.) Life is about trying new things, finding what you love, and sticking with it.

March 16, 2011

Well, we all can't be good at everything. Unless you're me ;)

Alright everyone, I am going to confess my greatest weakness.........

I am horrible at letting go of the past.

No surprise there.

I like the rain, but only when it's not tonight.

Why is it that new love is cuter than old love? As an outsider looking in, the awkward stage always makes people "oooh" and "awww." Once people are a thing, the cutesy effect seems to wear off.

It's the moment before an applause. There's anticipation. You know the thunder is coming, but the seconds seems to last for ages. No one wants to clap first. Then it happens. The culmination of work and stress is relieved by a simple secondary reinforcer; the smacking of hands together. In many ways, the precursor is better than the actual event.

Does this make sense? No. Is love supposed to make sense? I wish.

I'm happy. He's great. But is this it? I'm fine with always having to work at it, but why can't love sustain itself? Love should be easy. It should feel new.

In other news, my orchestra concert was wonderfully average. No one came, as usual. Mr. First Chair had first chair, as usual. I didn't practice, as usual. My hair looked unusually horrible, which is a first. Ohh, and I'm signed up for Girls' State this summer! The end.

March 15, 2011

one day I'm gonna do something rebellious like not have a title for my blog post.

Last year my yearbook was dedicated to 6 word stories. Here are some of mine:

I'm desperate for the summer time.

We feed Millie's turtle gold fish.

My uncle says that it's cannibalistic.

Only I am holding myself back.

Daisies are a girl's best friend.

I miss my old pet dog.

A smoothie sounds nice right now.

I'm procrastinating math homework right now.

My sleep is never long enough.

I am dying for a friend.

I stopped liking violin years ago.

I'm thinking about going to BYU.

while we're on the topic of debate...

My school took first at regions (I placed 1st in LD), which I'm pretty sure I've already announced.



That was so cool :)!

(PS- State was held at East High, which was where High-School-Musical was to come!)

And then today, I decided to randomly sign up for a TSA (technology student association) competition in a debate event. My partner and I placed first, and now I'm qualified to go to nationals in Dallas this summer!! It's awesome!

anyway, Mama's bugging me to get off ;)

and I have some math :(

Goodnight friends who might or might not actually read this.

So, my sister's getting married soon.

Let's just say that April will be a busy month for the fam. I have the school play as well as the junior high debate tournament, Darci is graduating from college, and Ninny's getting hitched. Millie...well, she'll just be there. :)

more than you wanted to know

I keep a scrabble board in the back of my car. I didn't used to. There have been times when I have wished I had it. Now I do, just in case.

When I started my blog, I made every title a short word or phrase so that it would fit on one line, and not make the archive list look weird. But I'm branching out now. I'd say that it's a break through for me, however I've also decided to begin "justifying" the paragraphs so that they look even and nice...nothing changes, I'm still OCD.

March 3, 2011


I am so glad to be putting February behind me.

Realistically, it's the shortest month of the year. So why does it feel like it drags on forever?!

So here's the low down on me:

It's March, which means that the sun is starting to shine. Sure, it's only 50 degrees outside, which isn't quite paradise. But it's sunny. It's been a lot easier for me to stay positive! I'm feeling like I'll be over this bout of seasonal depression soon!

It's that time of the year again where I pay deposits for AP tests. Because I'm taking 6, and my parents pay for it (they are so good to me!), my mama's saying that I better get 5s on all of them. I also have to get a full-ride to BYU to make up for it! ;) The second week in May, my fam's going to DC. Because I have testing, she said that instead of buying me a plane ticket, she's going to buy tests! Joy....:)

My friend Louise is doing great! She's a widow in my neighborhood who my family's been connected with for a couple years. She had a stroke a couple months ago and lost her ability to speak. I've been visiting her a lot and it's been really great! I always feel good when I'm there. She can't talk, but she can sing. So we usually sing church hymns together :) I love her!

LHS DEBATE TOOK REGIONS! Yes we did :) I placed first in Lincoln-Douglas! It was great! I was also very pleased to beat our rivals, WLHS, for the second year in a row.

I took the ACT for the 3rd time! The math was harder than it's ever been before :P I used to have a 35 in math (33 composite), but I'm worried that it will go down now. Luckily, the other sections seemed to be easier and I felt really confident about them. Those will hopefully compensate for it. I'm aiming for a 34!

Well, that's about all that's been on my mind! Between play-practice and calculus homework, I'm managing to survive. I've been feeling a lot better and I'm hoping to keep it up! :)