January 24, 2011


I've been playing violin for about 9 years now. I stopped liking it a couple years ago ;) but that's okay. I'll probably keep doing orchestra until I graduate.

I signed up to be in the next pit orchestra!!!!!!!



It's not at all like the movie. I added up the total hours of practicing and performing, and it's going to be roughly 90 hours...yay? :) Oh well, should be fun.

January 19, 2011


I once had a dog names Taizo. He was an akita, or a Japanese snow dog (hence the Japanese name). He was really big and fluffy. I loved playing with him and rubbing his belly. Taizo weighed twice as much as me and could easily knock me down. This of course was back when I was little. We had to put him down when he bit a neighbor.


I realized this a long time ago, but today it hit me again:

I do not like the girls in my grade at school.

My feelings about school are mixed. I love learning and mastering new things. But sometimes the knowledge can seem too simple or completely useless. That's why I like English; I feel like it applies to everything. I'm very easily-offended when people disregard English and history as unimportant compared to math and science.

I'm taking AP language, so one would assume that most kids in my class would feel the same; like the symbolic and abstract book we're reading is fascinating. Or the homework that we do is worthwhile. But obviously, I'm alone in thinking that Annie Dillard is a brilliant writer. People my age don't see things as dynamically as I do. That's probably why I'm addicted to "An American Childhood."

It's a collection of short stories and essays about her (Annie's) life. She is starving for knowledge. She reads books like a woman eats chocolate. She reads about everything she can get her hands on. It makes me so jealous. One of her only friends is Judy, who treats her like a charity project. It reminds me a lot of my life. Anyway, her writing is really symbolic and involves a lot of interesting themes.

Back to my issue, some chicks who sit by me start complaining about how much homework they have, how this class is so pointless, and how much they hate the book. It bothers me that actually think this class is hard. There is very little homework, it just takes some concentration and deep thinking. It bothers me that they don't put forth any type of effort to learn something and make class meaningful. It bothers me that they immediately shelf a book because it's not talking about fictional vampires and stupid teenage romance.

We take a quiz each class period to check for reading comprehension. Two of the girls in my class text each other the answers. It's so annoying. Is it really that hard?! Maybe I'm being insensitive. Is it difficult for some people, who signed up for an AP class, to do the work?

Should this really bother me as much as it does? Probably not. It probably seems trivial to anyone past high school age. I'm just so easily annoyed at anyone who doesn't take time to appreciate a true classic. I'm annoyed also at immature girls who don't know how to work or think past a day in advance.

Read more about author Annie Dillard here.

January 14, 2011

It's been awhile

Hi people. Just finished the term! I was really stressed about my calculus grade for a while, but I managed another 4.0! In other news, my room is immaculate, which feels nice. It hasn’t been this neat in way too long. It makes me want to do more homework:)

January 9, 2011

Just because

Yes, another from my AP language class. I adore my teacher!! Her writing assignments are awesome. I wrote this really neat essay about space travel for the practice AP test I took yesterday morning...I'll need to explain some of my points here. It was great!

Moving on... For this assignment, we had to spend 5 minutes writing about our negative observations of our surroundings, 5 for positive, and then write a closing analysis. I think I wrote this back in August of September, so no promises on its greatness (;


First off, it is freezing in here. I hate the cold weather. Especially when I’m indoors and it’s supposed to be warm. Except the heater turns off after 11. And it’s after 11 right now. I’m also pretty mad at myself that I forgot about this assignment until my friend texted me and asked me about it. So here I am, “observing” my dad’s office. It’s really messy in here. My dad always tells me to keep my room clean…not until he cleans out his desk. There are basketballs in here. They don’t fit in the room and I hate basketball because I’m really bad at it. My dad has his weird country music collection on the shelf. Country music is the worst. My Ipod is sitting on the desk next to me. I’m really mad at it for breaking and dying every other week. The computer screen is really bright and it hurts my eyes. The walls are bare in here and boring to look at. The room doesn’t smell like anything. All I can hear is that obnoxious buzzing sound that computers make. I’m observing lots of technology. Which makes me frustrated because I’m really challenged when it comes to technology. I just heard a crashing sound outside the room and now I’m terrified and breathing really hard because I think Freddy Krueger is in my house right now. It’s midnight, no one should be up right now. I just checked. (I might have taken a 10 second break from my observation. But honestly, this is a life or death matter.) No one is in the room next door. Unless they’re hiding. The buzzing computer just got louder and now I’m more scared.


Alright! I saved positive for last because I knew that it would put me in a good mood! There is a can of caffeinated orange soda on my right that is going to keep me awake until I finish this assignment! In front of me is a beautiful computer that can do many amazing things. I am so blessed. Also, I can type on it pretty fast, which is fortunate. On my left is my cellphone, on which I keep in contact with a very attractive person. The buzzing computer sound is funny because that’s what my grandpa sounds like when he snores. The light in the room is on which is good for my eyes and it helps keep me awake. My dad does really well in his work and so on top of his shelf, he has a couple awards from his business. That means prosperity for my family. The cold air is okay because that encourages me to work faster so that I can crawl into bed sooner. I haven’t heard anything new from the room next door, which means that Freddy Krueger probably went home and is going to spare me tonight. Either that or it might not have been him in the first place. I don’t hear any rain outside, so that means I won’t wake up to snow! My butt feels very nice because the chair I’m sitting on has a squishy blue thing on it. It is very comfy to rest my butt upon. I observe my dad’s sunglasses next to his computer, and I really like them.


The most obvious difference between my observations is the mood. When I was writing the negative paragraph, I felt really tired and ornery and I wanted to hurry and finish. With the positive paragraph, I felt more upbeat and awake. Something that was interesting was how I could take something that would normally be negative, and turn it into something positive. For example, the buzzing computers. It usually drives me crazy! But for my positive observation, I linked it to a happy, comedic memory that help cement the sound as such. Another observation that stuck out was the scary sound I heard. I was seriously so terrified when I heard the crash. And I still don’t know what it was. But I tried to turn it around in my positive paragraph by assuming that nothing was wrong and it had just been my imagination. It was more fun writing about my negative observations because it was funny to shine a negative light on everything around me. However, the feeling after completing the positive paragraph was much more fulfilling.

January 6, 2011

placebo much?


Thank you yahoo for posting this. I'm so sick of those kids at my school who claim they're faster or stronger because of these bracelets.


It's similar to debate, but not.

My team will act as delegates from Turkey. We learn about the country and then take their position on a certain topic. We debate those issues with other countries and write legislation, as if we are the United Nations. I went to a tournament last year, but I had no idea what I was doing. My partner who was supposed to be training me didn't explain anything to me. So I'm hoping to do better this year!! :)

My topic is about how the UN should respond to natural disasters or man-made catastrophes, especially concerning the preservation of the environment. Turkey has always been willing to donate money and send humanitarian aid. However, they do not believe that one state should interfere with the government of another. I'm planning on proposing legislation that will create a safety deposit of money within the UN. That money will then be dealt out to countries suffering from a natural disaster or man-made catastrophe. Because this committee is focused on protecting the environment, and not the people, a scientist or professional should be appointed in each country to determine how this money should be handled.Then the money will be directed towards its intended use and the government of the affected country will not take advantage of the money.

YAY:) I'll see how it works out...

January 4, 2011

10 things

10 things I adore

1. Cinnamon flavored candy! Red hots, hot tamales, cinnamon bears, and gum.

2. Orange soda. And along those lines, Keenan and Kel (sp?).

3. My church's general authorities. Those men and women are so awesome!!

4. Neuroscience. Yeah, science is my tough subject at school. But neuroscience is different.

5. Hula dancing...nuff said.

6. Using a planner.

7. Watching the Ellen Degeneres show.

8. Eating more food than I should and still losing weight.

9. Wearing only dark colors, like navy, olive, gray, brown, and black.

10. Writing.

10 things

10 things I hate

1. Girls who wear mall brand names on their shirts everyday. Especially Aeropostale.

2. When gift certificates or coupons have expiration dates.

3. Milk. We have an on-and-off relationship. Right now? Off.

4. Staying up late to do homework.

5. Debate tournaments that run two hours late.

6. The fact that Hollister advertises So. Calif, but the real city of Hollister is in Nor. Cal.

7. Being cold all the time...and snow -_-

8. Affirmative action.

9. When I can't figure out technology because I'm technology stupid.

10. Busy work for my AP Psych class (that I'm currently procrastinating).

10 things

10 things about me

1. Whenever a Hispanic person writes, "jajajaja," I always pronounce it "jajajaja" in my head instead of "hahahaha."

2. I want to be the social studies Sterling Scholar. And English. Can't I have both? :)

3. My hair is naturally curly, and I wear it that way.

4. I went to 5 different elementary schools. 2 in California, 3 in Utah.

5. I'm addicted to Jane Austen. I've read a lot of her books and seen every movie for them.

6. One of my favorite words to say is "Machiavelli," who wrote "The Prince."

7. I skipped a year of math in 7th grade. Best thing I ever did.

8. I don't like showering because it takes so long to wash all of my hair.

9. In the past year and a half, I've lost 35 lbs. and gone from a size 9 to 5, without even trying to.

10. I'm more attracted to guys that have dark skin.


We're having a debate tournament at my school in february XD! I'm so stoked!! My neg case is coming along fantastically, and hopefully I'll get some inspiration for aff soon.

In other news, I'm watching Dog the Bounty Hunter with my Mama :)

January 3, 2011


It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it is not possible to find it elsewhere.

-Agnes Repplier


First day of school after the break. It was exhausting to say the least. Early morning orchestra at 6, 3 AP classes in a row, and then my internship -_- and lots of homework starting.........now.

January 2, 2011

panda cow

AHHHH!!!!!! My mom told me she heard about these, so I had to look it up. It's so cute!!!!!! :) I want one!

Hiki mai


Come forward and appear you precious flowers arising in the calmness of this special day. Each of you are taking up the challenge of not simply climbing a high mountain, but you have chosen to climb the highest and most majestic mountain of all. Dance forward you children of your Heavenly Father, for is it not so that you, our children, are so very precious. In fact, you are the most precious adornment worn around the neck of your ancestors. Come forward, come forward for there are many roads for you to choose. Be sure to follow the voice of the good shepherd, for he will always keep you, protect you, and show you the way.


I just realized I haven't really said much about my fam.

I'm blessed to have a mom and dad who are still crazy about each other after 25 years of marriage!

The oldest is Lindsay. She's almost 23 and recently returned from an LDS mission. She's a junior in college.

Next is Darci, who is 21 and a senior in college.

I'm the third, 16, and a high school junior :)

My baby sis is Amelia. She turns 15 soon and she's a freshman in junior high.

So that's the fam :) we're LDS, more commonly known as MORMON. Learn more here. No, we are not a polygamist family nor has our church practiced polygamy in over 100+ years. Yes, I have a lot of pioneer ancestry. That does not mean that I dress like a pioneer now. That's like assuming all the people on the west coast still wear 1800's fashions because they might possibly have some ancestors who crossed the Oregon-trail. We are not in any way Amish. Obviously, I'm using a computer to update this blog. And next to me on the table is a blackberry. We do, however, live by standards. Like, for example, I don't show off my body and I don't participate in vulgar media.

Anyway, off of that rant, here's a pic of us:

Darci (who magically got tall genes), Lindsay, ME!, Mama, Amelia
And my dad in front!
Yes, we are very cheap. We set the self timer and took this pic at home ;)


Honu is the Hawaiian word for turtle :)
Amelia bought one for Christmas, which is neat. And his name is Honu Kamehameha, which is really neat! And if you stick your finger in the water, he'll bite it :) and he has teeth! So this isn't exactly our turtle, but he looks sorta like this :)