January 9, 2011

Just because

Yes, another from my AP language class. I adore my teacher!! Her writing assignments are awesome. I wrote this really neat essay about space travel for the practice AP test I took yesterday morning...I'll need to explain some of my points here. It was great!

Moving on... For this assignment, we had to spend 5 minutes writing about our negative observations of our surroundings, 5 for positive, and then write a closing analysis. I think I wrote this back in August of September, so no promises on its greatness (;


First off, it is freezing in here. I hate the cold weather. Especially when I’m indoors and it’s supposed to be warm. Except the heater turns off after 11. And it’s after 11 right now. I’m also pretty mad at myself that I forgot about this assignment until my friend texted me and asked me about it. So here I am, “observing” my dad’s office. It’s really messy in here. My dad always tells me to keep my room clean…not until he cleans out his desk. There are basketballs in here. They don’t fit in the room and I hate basketball because I’m really bad at it. My dad has his weird country music collection on the shelf. Country music is the worst. My Ipod is sitting on the desk next to me. I’m really mad at it for breaking and dying every other week. The computer screen is really bright and it hurts my eyes. The walls are bare in here and boring to look at. The room doesn’t smell like anything. All I can hear is that obnoxious buzzing sound that computers make. I’m observing lots of technology. Which makes me frustrated because I’m really challenged when it comes to technology. I just heard a crashing sound outside the room and now I’m terrified and breathing really hard because I think Freddy Krueger is in my house right now. It’s midnight, no one should be up right now. I just checked. (I might have taken a 10 second break from my observation. But honestly, this is a life or death matter.) No one is in the room next door. Unless they’re hiding. The buzzing computer just got louder and now I’m more scared.


Alright! I saved positive for last because I knew that it would put me in a good mood! There is a can of caffeinated orange soda on my right that is going to keep me awake until I finish this assignment! In front of me is a beautiful computer that can do many amazing things. I am so blessed. Also, I can type on it pretty fast, which is fortunate. On my left is my cellphone, on which I keep in contact with a very attractive person. The buzzing computer sound is funny because that’s what my grandpa sounds like when he snores. The light in the room is on which is good for my eyes and it helps keep me awake. My dad does really well in his work and so on top of his shelf, he has a couple awards from his business. That means prosperity for my family. The cold air is okay because that encourages me to work faster so that I can crawl into bed sooner. I haven’t heard anything new from the room next door, which means that Freddy Krueger probably went home and is going to spare me tonight. Either that or it might not have been him in the first place. I don’t hear any rain outside, so that means I won’t wake up to snow! My butt feels very nice because the chair I’m sitting on has a squishy blue thing on it. It is very comfy to rest my butt upon. I observe my dad’s sunglasses next to his computer, and I really like them.


The most obvious difference between my observations is the mood. When I was writing the negative paragraph, I felt really tired and ornery and I wanted to hurry and finish. With the positive paragraph, I felt more upbeat and awake. Something that was interesting was how I could take something that would normally be negative, and turn it into something positive. For example, the buzzing computers. It usually drives me crazy! But for my positive observation, I linked it to a happy, comedic memory that help cement the sound as such. Another observation that stuck out was the scary sound I heard. I was seriously so terrified when I heard the crash. And I still don’t know what it was. But I tried to turn it around in my positive paragraph by assuming that nothing was wrong and it had just been my imagination. It was more fun writing about my negative observations because it was funny to shine a negative light on everything around me. However, the feeling after completing the positive paragraph was much more fulfilling.


  1. It's funny how much can change when you decide to think positively. :)
    That's something I have to work on, but I think I'm doint better.

    I'm glad Freddy Krueger didn't get you. ;)