January 2, 2011


I just realized I haven't really said much about my fam.

I'm blessed to have a mom and dad who are still crazy about each other after 25 years of marriage!

The oldest is Lindsay. She's almost 23 and recently returned from an LDS mission. She's a junior in college.

Next is Darci, who is 21 and a senior in college.

I'm the third, 16, and a high school junior :)

My baby sis is Amelia. She turns 15 soon and she's a freshman in junior high.

So that's the fam :) we're LDS, more commonly known as MORMON. Learn more here. No, we are not a polygamist family nor has our church practiced polygamy in over 100+ years. Yes, I have a lot of pioneer ancestry. That does not mean that I dress like a pioneer now. That's like assuming all the people on the west coast still wear 1800's fashions because they might possibly have some ancestors who crossed the Oregon-trail. We are not in any way Amish. Obviously, I'm using a computer to update this blog. And next to me on the table is a blackberry. We do, however, live by standards. Like, for example, I don't show off my body and I don't participate in vulgar media.

Anyway, off of that rant, here's a pic of us:

Darci (who magically got tall genes), Lindsay, ME!, Mama, Amelia
And my dad in front!
Yes, we are very cheap. We set the self timer and took this pic at home ;)

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