March 25, 2012

The last one for today, I hope!

I've just had so much on my mind that I've wanted to tell you! Rather than put it all into one super long post, I separated it. Anyway, this last one is just for all the other little things that have been going on.

1 - Alonso is out of the hospital and healing from his surgery! I've been able to push him in a wheelchair around school, which is neat. He's still cute and he's still saying nice things to me, so that's a pretty good sign:)

2 - Alonso and I were partners at the State TSA Competition last Friday, and, for the second year in a row, we took first! The state and school district are sending us to TSA Nationals (for free) again! This year it's at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. Yes I am stoked. A few kids from Lehi Jr. High are coming with us! Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The following picture would be from the inside (yes, the inside) of the hotel!

3 - As mentioned in the previous post, I'm a county delegate! I attended my caucus meeting, my Dad nominated me, I gave a speech, and I was voted in! So cool! I had my first training yesterday where I got to meet most of the candidates. I was given three books! YAY! I love this.

4 - My lesson in YWs today was on the use of media. I've made a few goals that I'd like to share with you! I want to use my blog to share the Gospel more (see post below about YWs conference). I'm going to spend less time on social networking sites (facebook). I'm going to delete any Pinterest board that makes me feel dissatisfied with myself (only keep DIY or quote boards). 

Well...those are probably my biggest announcements right now. I've had a great week and I felt like sharing all of those lovely things with you. I hope that your week has been just as stellar! 

If not, then change something!

I made the decision:)

Yes people, if you know anything about me, you know that I've been slaving over this decision for a while. I've been really confused as to what I want to study when I go to college. I knew it would be social science related, but I couldn't pick just one. But now I have...

(drum roll please:)

I want to double major in psychology and business with a minor in political science! (Then go on to a masters in psych.)

When I grow up, which is coming pretty soon fyi, I want to be an industrial organizational psychologist.  The median pay is $90,000 a year and the field is exploding! In this career, I will help businesses be more effective in their organization of management and team members. I'll also do a lot of leadership training and human resource type of work. I really like this career path because it's business oriented and I'll be able to interact with a lot of people. I also like the idea of doing something different every day. Finally, if it doesn't work out, a masters in psych can easily put me into clinical work and a degree in business is helpful in every field. I'm so excited!!:) As for the minor in political science, I'm a county delegate for my precinct, and I intend to become a state delegate in the future. Eventually, I will be running for Lehi City Council, which is cool. (I'd appreciate your vote.)

Love you all:)

Here's the one I promised...

I said yesterday that I was going to write about people in my life who inspire me and make me want to be better.

First, my Mommy

My Mom is beautiful. She is the most patient and selfless person I know. I can't even begin to list everything she has done for me. Of course there's the obvious financial contributions she has made to my life. Next, she received a Masters in psych and has used her education to make me a better person. She also has gone on to receive an EDS, education specialist degree, and is now working too. She emphasizes service, love, and hard work. She is an inspiration to me, and I'm grateful to be part of her family.

My Grandmas
Donna Jean Kelsey is extremely hard working. (That must be where my Mama got it from!) Even though she has the shakes and she's slowing down, she refuses to let that stop her. She tirelessly cooks and cleans for our family. I love asking her stories about her upbringing because she has so much wisdom and experience. My Grandma took in her mom once her dad had died. My Grandma showed the utmost patience, respect, and love. Not to mention, she's a member of Jean's Golden Girls, which is super cool. My other Grandma is Gwendolyn Ku'ulei Felisa Arce. She was born and raised in poverty in Kihei, Maui. She worked hard enough in school to become an RN and forever changed my circumstances. She also eloped with my Grandpa which is another story for another time:) I love her for her example of hard work in school and determination in love.

Other ladies in my ward/neighborhood
I am so blessed to be where I am. I got to thinking one day...why are girls so quick to idolize people like Snooki and the Kardashians? They are people who have had everything handed to them in life. Instead, I have respect and admiration for every mom out there. I used to struggle with the thought of being a mom (I'm terrible with kids) but then I thought about how I've been blessed with this sacred duty and privilege. It doesn't make me any less than a man. In fact, it makes me better. I have the opportunity to bear and raise children. That doesn't take away my opportunity to have a good career too! I get to do both! Anyone who thinks otherwise is narrow minded. My mom does both, and half the ladies in my ward do both. I will do both. 

Elaine S. Dalton (I will name a daughter after her) said that "if you want to make a difference in the world, then you must be different from the world." These people I look up to didn't win the Nobel Peace Prize, didn't cure cancer, and don't have a lot of fame. These are beautiful women who are modest, kind, charitable, and all around good people. They are different from the world. They arise and shine forth because of their adherence to Gospel standards. I want to be like them.

2012 General Young Women Meeting notes

Hello people! It's been a good week. I have plenty of things to say, so I'm going to put them in a few different posts to keep them organized. Enjoy this first one:)

This is my favorite meeting of the year. I will watch it until the day I die:)

Here are some notes I took from each of the speakers:

Ann M. Dibb, 2nd Counselor
I need to diligently arise from my bed with a purpose. I need to arise from my knees with the spirit. To "arise and shine forth" is to confidently follow the commandments of God. I need to read the new FOR the strength of YOUth pamphlet. The most important commandment of God is whichever one I'm struggling with. I need to spend more time on When I have a challenge, I shouldn't look down on the world...I need to look upward at Heaven.

Mary N. Cook, 1st Counselor
I have an individual responsibility to seek learning about the Gospel. I need to read the "education" section in the for the Strength of Youth book and "knowledge" in the Personal Progress book. I need to be willing to sacrifice a lot to get a good education. Make goals. Surround myself with exemplary women who I can learn from. "A mother's education level has a profound effect on her children's educational choices." I need to get an education for myself and for my children. I need to be like the five virgins who were spiritually prepared to meet the bridegroom.

Elaine S. Dalton, President
Read for the Strength of Youth standards. She wishes that I would understand that beauty comes from an adherence to the standards and purity. I don't need make up or nice clothes to be beautiful. I get my light from the Lord. If I desire to make a difference in the world, then I must be different from the world. Repent every day. Stay focused on the temple. Be a clean, clear, and pure crystal that reflects the light of Christ.

Thomas S. Monson, Prophet
Look to the lighthouse of the Lord. Believe that I am a daughter of God. Gain a testimony of the restored gospel. Obey the commandments. Take advantage of Seminary. Have a good attitude and a desire to learn. Our decisions determine our destiny. Ask myself, "what does this action do to me, or do for me?" Open my heart to the Holy Ghost. Don't worry about what other people think of me. Be more concerned about what I think of myself and what God thinks of me. "Life by the yard is hard...but an inch is a cinch!"

Beautiful, virtuous, and strong women I want to live like!

March 24, 2012


I decided to delete my previous post because that's not the kind of tone I would like to have on my blog. Yes, I have been very frustrated with this teacher and her rude comments...but writing about it on my blog solves nothing but my desire to vent. I've decided that I need to be a better example. Thank you for everyone who commented on the post! No one urged me to delete it but myself (and my future political career;)

ANYWAY, I instead would like to write about the people who are good examples to me...

But right now I'm going to Alonso's to watch the second episode of Wuthering Heights. So more to come in the future:)

If you missed the YW's General Conference Broadcast, you can view it here.

Thank you everyone for sticking with me even when I'm ornery and annoying. I love and appreciate all of you!

March 11, 2012

Videos from STATE DEBATE:)

Starting with.... Some weird spew.
It wasn't very fast, and was kind of whispered.

This last one...well.......don't judge.

March 9, 2012

I hate seeing Alonso in pain. I hate knowing that there's nothing I can do to make it go away. I hate feeling like I haven't actually talked to him since monday because he's had to take so much medication.

But today, after getting a shot of morphine for his ouchies, he told me that he thinks I'm a keeper:) He told me that I'm beautiful, inside and out. He said that the only time he'll ever leave me is when he's serving God for two years. Call me young, stupid, naïve, whatever...but I love Alonso with all my heart and with everything I am, and I sincerely believe that he loves me back.

As an update, Alonso's back in the hospital again. His lung isn't quite healing like the doctor wanted it to. They're going to monitor his progress until Monday. The doctor will then decide whether or not he'll perform surgery. The surgery would entail cutting open Alonso :( and almost scraping or sanding the edge of his lung. The inflammation will help it to scar over and heal the hole faster. It seems kind of weird, but I guess that's how they do it. Oh well. I just hope that it doesn't get that far.

Love you, Lonso.

March 6, 2012

an update on Lonso-poo:)

Alonso is the most selfless person I know. He continually puts others above his own interests. I admire that quality in him so much!!

This morning I was able to visit him in the ER again and bring him flowers. He had surgery at 2 am last night, which is right about the time I was still trying to fall asleep. They inserted a tube into his chest that's attached to a vacuum like capsule. It slowly removes excess oxygen that's trapped in the cavity of his chest, thus allowing his lung to inflate again. He was shortly discharged from the hospital and I met him at his home. I then spent six hours with him to keep him company. 

Alonso's been really down about a lot of things. Because of this emergency, he can't participate in track for a few weeks, play guitar for jazz band or drumline, and compete in state debate this weekend. Unfortunately, because he's my partner, that means that I can't compete either. I understand, though, that he had absolutely no control over this, and he really needs some positive support right now. 

Hopefully Alonso will be back at school by next Monday. In the mean time, he super appreciates visitors, prayers, and love.

March 5, 2012

My best friend has never meant more to me.

I was on the phone chatting with him and he said that he was planning to stay the night at a friend's. I was a little annoyed because I had wanted to stay up late on the phone, but I said goodnight and told him to have fun. 

Fifteen minutes later his sister called me, bawling, and explained that he was in pain and the ambulance was going to be there soon. I went into panic mode and started crying like crazy. I told my parents and then prayed. I made myself calm down (let's be real - with the help of the Spirit). His other sister called me and gave me some more info. My dad drove me to the hospital, where I sat anxiously in the waiting room for twenty or so minutes. Members of his family cycled in and out, but I couldn't go in yet. 

Finally, I was able to go in and see him. He was a little weird, considering all the medication he was on, but he recognized me and was happy to see me! That made me feel so much better. I feel so relieved now that I've seen him. He's going to be okay <3

Now I'm home and we've received the results for his tests. He has pneumothorax, which is spontaneous collapsed lung. It's supposed to be extremely painful, and gets worse with every breath. That makes me hurt for him. I'm not really sure how they're going to treat it, but I look forward to him being at home, happy, and healthy again. It's still a little surreal, but I have a firm testimony that not only does perfect love cast out fear, but faith does as well.

Love you, Lonso!! We'll make it through this together:) because I say so:)

Well here's try number three:)

I learned something this past month: the way I write about and explain my life affects the way I perceive it. Easy enough, right? For example, to be very blunt, this past month was bad. I've relapsed into depression (seven years in a row, but who's counting?) and I had an anxiety attack last week. I wrote two miserable and horribly depressing blog posts, but I never published them.

I am SO glad.

Whenever I write about how bad life is, life gets worse.

Life is all about perception. Forces act on us, and circumstances can often be unpredictable. Different situations can alter us physiologically, thus creating emotions - heavy breathing, pins and needles, or a depressed mood. Yet we still have agency in the way we respond to the biological response of emotion. We can control our thoughts and actions. 2 Nephi 2 talks about this. We have the agency to ACT, regardless of all the "acting upon" that happens to us. This makes me super grateful for the fall of Adam and Eve. Because of Adam, I might have joy, contingent on my obedience and decision to pursue righteous happiness.

Other things I'm grateful for include:

Alonso Sebastian Lopez surprising me for Valentine's Day:) aaaand asking me to prom. That cutie:)

 I'm grateful for all the friends I've made through debate! Can you believe I only have one tournament left??? The culmination of three years 5 days! Ahh!:)

My little sister Millie, who I love so dearly! (And she accepts my white skin/short hair-ness)

CALIFORNIA for being the number one best state in the world.

Brigham Young University for having super cheap tuition and for accepting me:D by the way, I'm touring the campus tomorrow!!! <3 :)

Mmmmmkay. That's enough for today.

LOVE YOU ALL. (Individually and unconditionally, fyi.)

Smile today, okay? Talk about your life in a happy way and then try and tell me that it doesn't make a difference. (It just did for me!!)