March 5, 2012

My best friend has never meant more to me.

I was on the phone chatting with him and he said that he was planning to stay the night at a friend's. I was a little annoyed because I had wanted to stay up late on the phone, but I said goodnight and told him to have fun. 

Fifteen minutes later his sister called me, bawling, and explained that he was in pain and the ambulance was going to be there soon. I went into panic mode and started crying like crazy. I told my parents and then prayed. I made myself calm down (let's be real - with the help of the Spirit). His other sister called me and gave me some more info. My dad drove me to the hospital, where I sat anxiously in the waiting room for twenty or so minutes. Members of his family cycled in and out, but I couldn't go in yet. 

Finally, I was able to go in and see him. He was a little weird, considering all the medication he was on, but he recognized me and was happy to see me! That made me feel so much better. I feel so relieved now that I've seen him. He's going to be okay <3

Now I'm home and we've received the results for his tests. He has pneumothorax, which is spontaneous collapsed lung. It's supposed to be extremely painful, and gets worse with every breath. That makes me hurt for him. I'm not really sure how they're going to treat it, but I look forward to him being at home, happy, and healthy again. It's still a little surreal, but I have a firm testimony that not only does perfect love cast out fear, but faith does as well.

Love you, Lonso!! We'll make it through this together:) because I say so:)

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