March 24, 2012


I decided to delete my previous post because that's not the kind of tone I would like to have on my blog. Yes, I have been very frustrated with this teacher and her rude comments...but writing about it on my blog solves nothing but my desire to vent. I've decided that I need to be a better example. Thank you for everyone who commented on the post! No one urged me to delete it but myself (and my future political career;)

ANYWAY, I instead would like to write about the people who are good examples to me...

But right now I'm going to Alonso's to watch the second episode of Wuthering Heights. So more to come in the future:)

If you missed the YW's General Conference Broadcast, you can view it here.

Thank you everyone for sticking with me even when I'm ornery and annoying. I love and appreciate all of you!

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