March 25, 2012

I made the decision:)

Yes people, if you know anything about me, you know that I've been slaving over this decision for a while. I've been really confused as to what I want to study when I go to college. I knew it would be social science related, but I couldn't pick just one. But now I have...

(drum roll please:)

I want to double major in psychology and business with a minor in political science! (Then go on to a masters in psych.)

When I grow up, which is coming pretty soon fyi, I want to be an industrial organizational psychologist.  The median pay is $90,000 a year and the field is exploding! In this career, I will help businesses be more effective in their organization of management and team members. I'll also do a lot of leadership training and human resource type of work. I really like this career path because it's business oriented and I'll be able to interact with a lot of people. I also like the idea of doing something different every day. Finally, if it doesn't work out, a masters in psych can easily put me into clinical work and a degree in business is helpful in every field. I'm so excited!!:) As for the minor in political science, I'm a county delegate for my precinct, and I intend to become a state delegate in the future. Eventually, I will be running for Lehi City Council, which is cool. (I'd appreciate your vote.)

Love you all:)

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