March 6, 2012

an update on Lonso-poo:)

Alonso is the most selfless person I know. He continually puts others above his own interests. I admire that quality in him so much!!

This morning I was able to visit him in the ER again and bring him flowers. He had surgery at 2 am last night, which is right about the time I was still trying to fall asleep. They inserted a tube into his chest that's attached to a vacuum like capsule. It slowly removes excess oxygen that's trapped in the cavity of his chest, thus allowing his lung to inflate again. He was shortly discharged from the hospital and I met him at his home. I then spent six hours with him to keep him company. 

Alonso's been really down about a lot of things. Because of this emergency, he can't participate in track for a few weeks, play guitar for jazz band or drumline, and compete in state debate this weekend. Unfortunately, because he's my partner, that means that I can't compete either. I understand, though, that he had absolutely no control over this, and he really needs some positive support right now. 

Hopefully Alonso will be back at school by next Monday. In the mean time, he super appreciates visitors, prayers, and love.

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