March 25, 2012

2012 General Young Women Meeting notes

Hello people! It's been a good week. I have plenty of things to say, so I'm going to put them in a few different posts to keep them organized. Enjoy this first one:)

This is my favorite meeting of the year. I will watch it until the day I die:)

Here are some notes I took from each of the speakers:

Ann M. Dibb, 2nd Counselor
I need to diligently arise from my bed with a purpose. I need to arise from my knees with the spirit. To "arise and shine forth" is to confidently follow the commandments of God. I need to read the new FOR the strength of YOUth pamphlet. The most important commandment of God is whichever one I'm struggling with. I need to spend more time on When I have a challenge, I shouldn't look down on the world...I need to look upward at Heaven.

Mary N. Cook, 1st Counselor
I have an individual responsibility to seek learning about the Gospel. I need to read the "education" section in the for the Strength of Youth book and "knowledge" in the Personal Progress book. I need to be willing to sacrifice a lot to get a good education. Make goals. Surround myself with exemplary women who I can learn from. "A mother's education level has a profound effect on her children's educational choices." I need to get an education for myself and for my children. I need to be like the five virgins who were spiritually prepared to meet the bridegroom.

Elaine S. Dalton, President
Read for the Strength of Youth standards. She wishes that I would understand that beauty comes from an adherence to the standards and purity. I don't need make up or nice clothes to be beautiful. I get my light from the Lord. If I desire to make a difference in the world, then I must be different from the world. Repent every day. Stay focused on the temple. Be a clean, clear, and pure crystal that reflects the light of Christ.

Thomas S. Monson, Prophet
Look to the lighthouse of the Lord. Believe that I am a daughter of God. Gain a testimony of the restored gospel. Obey the commandments. Take advantage of Seminary. Have a good attitude and a desire to learn. Our decisions determine our destiny. Ask myself, "what does this action do to me, or do for me?" Open my heart to the Holy Ghost. Don't worry about what other people think of me. Be more concerned about what I think of myself and what God thinks of me. "Life by the yard is hard...but an inch is a cinch!"

Beautiful, virtuous, and strong women I want to live like!

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