September 11, 2011

I'm taking a lower dosage of the medication now, and things have normalized's a happier post for you:):)

You know those questionnaire things that people like to fill out? I've never done one before. I found this one that my friend did, and I decided I'd fill it out and post it:)

Are you taken now?
Kind of:)

Are you in love?

What's their name?

Are they older or younger than you?

How long have you been with them?
It's been 1 year, 4 months, and 3 days since we met, and I haven't stopped thinking about him since:)

Do you think you'll get married?
That's the plan:)

Do they always say the right thing?
No:) And it's cute when he says something dumb:)

Do you think they'll always be there for you?
Yes. I trust that.

Do they know just how to cheer you up?
He does. Sometimes he doesn't always do it, so I have to give direction...but that's just the plan:)

Is there anything you would change about them?
I wish I could make him feel less-stressed:) and I wish he wasn't so insecure. I think he's amazing, and I want him to believe that too:)

Would you do anything for them?
Within my standards, yes.

Do you think you know everything about them?
Nope, but that's what eternity is for:)

Do they know everything about you?
Same as above:)

How often do you talk to each other?
Quite a bit:) We're both very busy, but we always make time for each other, and that's special to me:)

Can you see yourself having a long happy life with this person?

Do you see you two having kids someday?
Yes. I trust that by then, I'll actually like kids:) Ja.

Do you call eachother by pet names?
Lonso-poo. Does that answer the question adequately?:)

What was your first date?
The haunted forest:)

Do you remember your first kiss with this person?
July 28, 2010:) I remember every detail:)

What does it feel like to be with them?
Like he's chocolate, and I'm Vanilla:) Jajaja:)

What does it feel like when they're not there?
Sad because he's gone, excited to see him again, and safe because he reassures me that he cares:)

Will they read this just because you filled it out?
Yes because he's the only person that reads my blog, jajaja:)

***the girl who filled this out before me had perfect answers. She knows everything about the boy she's dating, they talk 24/7, and she's always so lonely without him. I'm grateful to be with a guy who I learn more and more about every day. I'm grateful that I don't need him there every second of my life to take care of me. I'm grateful for his kindness and unconditional love. Thank you, Lonso-poo:)

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