April 25, 2011

He said that he would attach a hotel room to the back of his bike. There would be a TV playing Ellen Degeneres reruns. And dogs...lots of dogs. He promised to find a way to pull the room while holding my hand at the same time. We would stop frequently at all of my favorite restaurants, and all the places I'd want to see. He would ride his bike all night long to the west coast. 

From there, he would begin building a bridge, ten feet at a time. Build ten, ride ten, build ten, ride ten. All the way to the island.  My island. Uninhabited, and beautiful. The ocean would be crystal. The dogs would have space to run around. There would be palm trees, lots of them. The sky wouldn't end. It would never change from blue. Except for sunsets and sunrises, which can be any color.  Rainbows too, are the exception. Every night, I would look at the stars. 

A ways from the shore would be a mansion. But not too big. Big enough that the kitchen is real nice. Of course, all stainless steel appliances. There would be a TV playing Ellen Degeneres reruns. Above the sink would be a window facing the ocean, so that it never leaves my sight.

There would be a dance studio. The fake wooden floors. Large mirrors all along one wall. The perfect sound system. All of my implements and costumes. Whenever I would want to, I would hula dance.

I'd want a small sitting room for myself in the mansion. I'd decorate it Jane-Austen style. In there, I would just think. Sit and think. Develop some new philosophy. On the fireplace would be a secret knob. Once turned, the book shelf would slide open to reveal a secret staircase. The staircase would lead me to my library. I would have every book I've ever wanted. Children's books, non-fiction, fiction, textbooks, magazines, religious books, lots of them. The library would be big. There would be a window facing the ocean, so that I could read without it leaving my sight.

Outside would be a shack. A cute, little, cheap, wooden, and tacky shack. The kind that I'd hang a hammock next to. He and I would spend lots of time out there, just sitting on the beach and playing with the dogs. At night time, he'd plug his Ipod into some speakers, and we would dance.

My garden would be beautiful. I would love to plant flowers. And tomatoes, carrots, corn, sunflowers. It wouldn't be a chore to pull weeds or water it. I would like it.

Further down the road would be my laboratory. Of course by then, I'd have my masters in neuroscience. We'd have to pay for it all somehow, right? There would be brains, lots of them. And large computers. EEG, PET, MRI machines. I'd wear a pristine, white lab coat. I'd be surrounded by interns with questions. For once my opinion, my answer, what I have to say, would be important. I'd be important. Instead of citing other people for papers or research articles, people would cite me. My name.

Of course we'd be able to get back to the mainland quickly. He would be an English teacher, so he'd have to leave every day. I'd need to go grocery shopping and run errands and go to church to thank my God and Savior for all of my blessings and do other things that ladies do. And of course I'd want to have people over. I'd have parties, and only invite the people I actually care about, and who actually care about me. And my family. I'd want to have my family over often.

He said that he will attach a hotel room to the back of his bike. He said that he will pull me all the way to my island. He said that he will be my best friend there. He said that he'll read books with me, eat my cooking, and try to not lose it all when I show him the brains. He said that he'll watch Ellen Degeneres reruns with me, and make sure that every window faces the crystal ocean. He said that he will be there for me. He promised.

And I believe every word.

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