April 25, 2011

Things are looking up, oh, finally. I thought I'd never see the day when you'd smile at me. We always pull through when we try. I'm always wrong...but you're never right!

Paramore- Looking Up

I'm not feeling great (I still have a lot to worry about), but a lot of things are starting to turn in my favor. 

1) I got a job! My neighbor needs a personal assistant. She said that she'd pay me $10/hr!! I'm also waiting to hear back from a little boutique that's hiring right now...I should have an interview sometime this week! Because my neighbor only needs me 5-10hrs a week, she said that I can pick my hours. That means that I could work two jobs this summer:)

2) I applied for student council today! I made an awesome application! I'm a little worried because I heard there are a lot of people going for my position, but that's okay. I still think I'll do really well.

3) THE WEDDING IS OVER. Yes. Rob and Linds are finally on their honeymoon, and there are no more plans and receptions to labor over! And though I loved having the fam here, staying in my house, distracting me from my homework, I'm really glad that they headed home.

4) Model United Nations is tomorrow! Kira is my partner again. This time, we're representing Venezuela in Historical Security Council, meaning that we get to be Venezuela in the year 1993. The topics are the situation in Rwanda and Haiti. First place again..? We'll see:)

5) Prom is coming up! Why yes, I am going with this really cute Peruvian kid. Which reminds me, he should check out this link. I am going to wear a blue dress and smile a lot:) he'll probably smell nice or rent a tux or rent a LIMO or feed me Peruvian food or all of those or something:)

All I gotta do is keep it up with the studying and reading...and then get 5's on all 6 AP tests. And then smile:)

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