May 16, 2011

I'm craving my favorite movie. And my favorite food, song, book, and person.

dear people who read my blog (or dear no one),

I'm so completely stupid. I feel like everything that's inside of me exploded into little, sharp pieces that keep coming back to stab me. I haven't felt so low in a long time. I'm in desperate need of my prince charming; someone who's going to swoop in and put me back together. I know I come off as strong and independent, but I've never needed someone so badly as I do now. I feel weak and hopeless. I know I can be demanding, but all I've ever wanted is to be happy. Whenever I feel like I've made it there, I find that it's eluded me once again. I feel like giving up, but so many people rely on me. I've always tried to befriend those that need someone. Whenever I'm inspired to do something nice for someone else, I do it. When is someone unexpected going to write a nice note for me? When will someone show up at my doorstep with cookies? Or call me to see how I'm doing? Why do I have to be happy for everyone's sake but my own?

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