May 9, 2011

A journal for AP Language...what will I do without this class next year?!

Junior year is supposed to be the hardest in school. I concur. After being involved in everything I possibly could be, and stressing to the point of mania, I’ve learned many valuable lessons. I will share one from each of my ten classes. Warning: these are not at all similar to the warm, fuzzy, and cookie cutter things that were shared in class like, “I’ve learned to learn from my mistakes.” During my junior year in high school, I’ve learned that:

1) Trying out for a solo is a formality. The conductor already knows who is going to get the part, who is going to sit in first chair the entire year, and who is going to play every solo from every song in next year’s concerts. Heck, the teacher might as well name the orchestra after him.

2) If your seminary teacher’s favorite song is “All Creatures of our God and King,” then be prepared to sing it at least once a week.

3) I make way too many comments in class. When no one else has anything to say after I’ve spoken, then I know I need to shut up.

4) As long as Miss Lambert’s not in the room, hardly any math is completed during math lab. Once she takes role and leaves, that means it’s okay to eat, talk, sit on the desk, text, sleep, and wear a hat. 

5) Every presidency needs a girl to do things like plan the banquet, make all the phone calls, write all the letters, decorate the board, take pictures, make flyers, host a debate tournament, and know the names of everyone on the team. The guys in the presidency? They’re just there for...well, they just look nice.

6) Stalingrad is fascinating and all, but I will invariably fall asleep during 4th period
7) I like neuroscience. One day when I have my own laboratory, I’ll poke brains all day long!

8) After having this reiterated to me thirty times over, I have learned that the Abbasid Caliphate was invaded by the Seljuq Turks; the Uighar Turks were invited into China where they slowly took power; the Ghaznavid Turks formed the Sultanate of Delhi in India; and the Ottoman Turks took out the Byzantine Empire. YES!

9) If I ever have to find the rate of change of the volume of a cone at t=30 sec at which time the radius is 8 inches and the height is changing at a rate of 3 inches per sec ever again, I swear I’ll rip my hair out.

10) I hate physics.

I’ve really struggled through junior year, but like everything else, I feel like I’ve come out on top. Of course I’ve learned important life lessons like “don’t procrastinate” and whatnot. (Yet here I am at 10:47 PM.) Most importantly, I’ve learned what my limitations are. From there, I feel like I can better prepare for senior year. Bring it on!

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