July 6, 2011

I was accused of plagiarizing an essay from my own blog -_-

My online English teacher found my essay word for word on this website. Fortunately, I got that worked out.

Anyway, can you believe it's July already? My summer's already half over! 2 camps down, 2 to go. Hawaiian plate lunch sale is on saturday, and I teach hula the first two weeks of August. Not even close to being finished with my classes. I gave up writing in my journal after I got home from girls' state, the 2nd week of June. I've been putting in 10-15 hours a week at work. My room has been messy 75% of this summer and I'm barely getting all of my chores completed and the lawn mowed regularly. I had planned on spending every day with you, but complications with my parents messed that up. Speaking of which, I told you I'd give you our bucket list, but I never got around to it...So here it is now:

1) Cook off
2) Water fight
3) Outdoor movie
4) Dinner somewhere nice
5) Watch the clouds
6) Rollercoaster!!!
7) Hike to the top of Timp.
8) Teach you how to sew so that you can fix your own backpack:P
9) Learn how to play chess
10) Participate in the debate sci-fi week:)

Wow, I'm pretty sure that you suggested most of the stupid ones, like 5, 7, 3,  and 9:) Oh well. They probably aren't gonna happen now. Except 6:) at least we got that one done!!

This post seems very jumbled. My mind feels very jumbled. I give up.

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