July 28, 2011

Oh my gosh it's July 28th!!!

Yes, I know it's past 11, but I just had the craziest epiphany! It's been one year since my first kiss:) We were hanging out with some friends, when he asked me if I wanted to go on a walk and look at the stars. We walked to a nearby park and talked for some time. There were other people there, so we kept going. Once we passed a fence, my heart was pounding like crazy. I didn't know what to say. I tried to keep walking, but he pulled back on my hand until I was facing him. I almost blurted out that I wasn't ready. I was so nervous. Then, he stepped closer to me, put his arms around my waist, and kissed my lips:) I haven't kissed any other guy, and I don't want to. Right now he's gone camping, so I can't be with him...but I hope he's thought about me at least once today:) I love you!

(because I know you read this, and I think you're the only one? Besides Miranda, but she won't mind.)

You always make me so happy. I love being with you:) You're funny, kind, and very sweet. You make me feel beautiful and wanted. You encourage me. You've saved my life, and you continue to do so every day. I love seeing your name when you call me! You put up with me when I fall asleep on the phone:) sorry, by the way. I don't know why that happens so often;) You like me the way I am. You think it's cute when I yammer on about random things. When I talk, you listen, and I know you do. You are so quick to forgive me. You love me unconditionally. You're bad at singing, but you still do it for me anyway:) And in the car, when I tell you that you're ruining the song, you sing louder:) You buy me little, ugly figurines at that shop on state street because you know they make me giggle. You laugh at my stupid jokes!!:) You give me your T-shirts to wear for PJs, and your jacket during the winter. You tell me that God made you warm and me cold on purpose:) You write stupid poetry for me because I think it's funny. You take me to Taco Bell because my all time favorite soda is Mtn. Dew Baja Blast! You tag along when I go window shopping so that I don't have to be lonely, even though I know it's not the most exciting thing. Your car tire blows up on my birthday so we have to spend 30 min driving home on State without AC, the windows won't roll down, and there's a disgusting burnt tire in the back:) You've made me 2 mix CDs. You taught me how to do your magic tricks because you know those bother me. You always shave before I see you because you respect me. You bought me the cutest hat for my birthday! You let me take you on your first roller coaster:) I'm your #1 priority, and you make sure I know that. The list could go on forever, but it's past 11:30 and you know I like to get to bed earlier than this.

Thank you for everything:)

PS- I want to name our first daughter Belinda:) I think it's funny and cute:)

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