January 2, 2012

Yes, I have been on a blogging craze lately. Why? Because I have an AP Stats assignment I should be doing.

The First Presidency released an official new year's message that I absolutely adore!!

Here's my two cents before I introduce the topic: The self-help industry probably makes billions of dollars a year because individuals believe they have to buy some book or hear some motivational speaker to make themselves happy or successful. In reality, modern day prophets of the Church of Jesus Christ deliver messages straight from God on many of the same topics! It's ridiculous how the Gospel can teach a principle, but until Oprah Winfrey or Michael Phelps says it again, some people choose to ignore it. Messages from President Monson, or anyone else carrying the full priesthood keys, are GUARANTEED BY GOD. It doesn't get any better than that.


The title of it is "Living the Abundant Life." An abundant life is defined as full of success, goodness, and blessings. You want those things? He gives the 'ABCs' of how to achieve them. Here are a few snippets:

A - Attitude

"We can’t direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails. For maximum happiness, peace, and contentment, may we choose a positive attitude."

B - Believing in oneself

"Don’t limit yourself and don’t let others convince you that you are limited in what you can do. Believe in yourself and then live so as to reach your possibilities."

C - Courage

"Have the determination to make the effort, the single-mindedness to work toward a worthy goal, and the courage not only to face the challenges that inevitably come but also to make a second effort, should such be required."

And that sums it up! I'd definitely suggest reading the entire article HERE. It's not even very long.

What stands out most to me about the three things, is that they are all choices! So often we think (or at least I do) that we have to wait for happiness, or that it's impossible to be happy in our circumstances. WRONG. I had depression for about six or seven years. Why? Because I was holding onto a grudge. I couldn't let go of my past. I've learned that you can't move on if you're stuck in reverse. I can choose to have a good attitude. I can choose to believe in myself. I can choose to have courage in difficult situations. 

I have a testimony that prophets communicate with God and bring us His messages. Because I have that faith, I know that these simple 'ABCs' will help you live an abundant life. I seal these words in my Savior's name.

I LOVE YOU! (fyi)


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