December 6, 2010


In my AP Lang class (apologies right now. I talk about this class way too much.) we are answering letters to santa! :)!!!!

Here's a quote from the letter I received:

"Last year you got me an ugly doll. I Looooved is Soooo much I went crazy with it!"

"My brother would love Nerf Swords."

"I hope there is a lot of Christmas Cheer!"

Melt my heart!!!

The kid mentioned how grateful he was for what he got last year :) and he said what he wanted his little brother to get!! That is so cute! He never once mentioned what he wanted for Christmas :) Plus, the "Christmas Cheer" :) ahhh! I love this kid.

Thank you Caleb, for spreading Christmas Cheer! We need more people like him.

Love, Sarah
(aka-the Grinch who has mixed feelings about's too commercialized)

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