December 31, 2011


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Anwayyyy, on to my official new year's post.

Looking back at 2011, this has definitely been the busiest, craziest year of my life! If there was any one lesson I've learned, it would be this: everyone is capable of so much more than they know! I'm talking to you. YOU are grand. If you push yourself, and try to accomplish great things, you will be rewarded.

For me, the biggest example of this would be student council. I remember how nervous I was when I turned in my application. I felt so confused about whether or not it was the right thing for me. I knew that I'd be embarrassed if I actually went through with the whole process and ended up not being selected. I almost didn't want to tell anyone I was applying. Somehow word got out. (Doesn't it always?) I had near threats from other people who likewise wanted the academics position.

I had to go through an interview by the already elected, new student council. When I walked into the room, I realized that I knew all of their names, but there was a slim chance they had ever heard of me before. I was nervous, but did my best to be happy and confident. I guess it paid off.

So....what I hope you learn from this is that YOU can do great things. Heck, if I can get a spot on student council, then you can achieve whatever you'd like to, and more than you can imagine. YOU are capable of more things than you know.

Now, onto resolutions for 2012. First, I must talk about my take on new year's resolutions. People have worthy goals throughout the year, but for some reason, they always wait until January 1st to begin. There is something seriously wrong with that. Why not set goals throughout the year?

I, being a hypocrite, have decided to eat a ton of junk food and candy now, because I'm cutting it out for 2012:) I'd also like to start working out more often. Since 9th grade, I've lost about 35 or 40 lbs., and have gone from a size 9 to almost 0. I don't really know how I did all that. I swear I'm not anorexic or bulimic:/ and  if you know me, you know that I LOVE food. Even if I've already lost weight, it's not going to be bad for me to eat healthier and get some sort of muscle on me.

Next, I'd like to feel pretty. Most mornings, getting ready is a task done grudgingly. Very rarely, and only with a lot of effort, do I ever say "I feel pretty today!" I think it would be nice to feel pretty more often. My case is a little unique, in that I've spent the last seven months on acne medication that has completely dried me out and emotionally destroyed me. I totally think my teacher's think I'm on drugs because my eyes are red all the time and I'm constantly putting on chapstick. But now that I'm done with accutane, hopefully I'll feel happier. And my skin definitely looks much better!! I haven't been clear since fourth grade. It feels nice. So yes, I'd like to be able to look in the mirror and say "I'm pretty" more often than I say "I'm ugly."

My last goal is hopefully going to become my year's theme - if I could call it that. It's about influence. Who am I going to let influence my life? Most commonly, I let people from the past, people who have hurt me, tell me what I should be. How do I know they even exist anymore? People change. They could be completely different now. So why would I let a past version of them hurt me? I can't move forward if I'm stuck in the past. I'd much rather let Christ influence my life. I'd much rather be known for being a nice and friendly person.

Going with that, my resolution is to redefine how I will influence other people. My Mom has always said that I'm a leader; I can choose to lead for good, or lead for bad. With all the different leadership positions I have right now, I have the great ability to influence many people. Last year when I applied for student council, I felt really small and insignificant. This year, I actually feel kind of popular, which is a new experience. I impact not only the people I regularly visit with, but everyone who sees me. It's important that I always stay "Rahrah" no matter what - that I cheer people on:)

I've heard that writing down goals, or sharing them with other people, will help me achieve them. If you ever see me gaining weight, chowing down on too much junk food, being hard on myself, or beating someone up, then feel free to straighten me out.

I LOVE YOU. Yes, YOU. If you don't think I'm talking about you, then you're wrong.


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