December 29, 2011

Dinosaur Museum:)

I had a lovely date hoy con Lonso:)
We ate lunch at sweet tomatoes and then went to the dinosaur museum! I super like going to museums, especially if they involve sharks in any way. (See picture.)

As you've probably noticed, Christmas was a few days ago. I got my first android phone (from which I am sending this blog) and it's real nifty! I also got a laptop, which was a complete surprise! I'm going to miss my netbook, but it has definitely kicked the bucket:( I'll have Brady check it just in case.
As a quick update, I have only FIVE pills of accutane left to take. It has noticeably cleared my skin, and noticeably taken a toll on my mental health. Can't wait to be done!
Anywho, I miss my dog, I miss summer, and I miss you.