December 31, 2011

Found some old goodies from junior year AP Lang...

This was a free write I did about part way through junior year:

I tend to be a really negative person, so I'm going to write about why I like myself.

First is my hair. I know that's a weird place to start, but my hair is my favorite thing about the way I look. I love having long hair! The Puritans got it right when they said that a woman's hair is her vanity. I like the chocolate brown color of it and the way it curls, especially around my face. I only get it cut about once or twice a year (which I know is bad) because I want it to grow out. 

Next is how smart I am. I love taking hard classes and feeling like I make high school worthwhile for myself. That's why I enjoy debate! I learn so much about politics, philosophies, and history. My sister Amelia always comes to me for questions. I'm a year ahead in math and AP Calculus is one of my toughest classes. I love feeling like I can understand and master the concepts.

The last thing that I like about myself, or at least the last one I will talk about, is that I think I'm a good leader. I like planning and organizing activities. I think I'm pretty creative. I like doing things for other people and feeling like I can make a difference. 

I'm really hard on myself and I push myself to do a lot. I find myself happy though when I look back at all that I've accomplished. 

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