February 3, 2012

Need some scripture study help?

I found this awesome lady online who teaches seminary. Her website is here.

She uploads a lot of neat insights and tools to help you study the scriptures! My favorite style of hers is writing a title on the top of every page that summarizes the story or lesson. She has a title for every page in the Book of Mormon!! I will now post them for your benefit:) Check it out, please?:)

1 Nephi

2 Nephi

Jacob - Mosiah


Helaman - 4 Nephi

Mormon - Moroni

She also started posting a few from the Old Testament:







And...that's as far as she's gotten! I can't wait to add these to my seminary scriptures!:)

I hope these help!
Love you all <3


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  1. This amazing women in my ward, who is in the Relief Society presidency taught us how to do this! It was amazing I love that website. I still have to buy a big cool journal for personal scripture stuff. But wow, huh? I love it! :D