June 12, 2012

I just realized that in my last two posts, I wrote about how crazy everything is. I guess that explains it adequately. I also miscounted the days left until my birthday. As of right now, I have 5 days until I turn 18! Here's an exciting piece of news:

I'm starting classes at BYU next week!

I had received an extra scholarship to start in the summer, even though I was accepted for Fall 2012. I at first declined the scholarship, thinking I'd be busy with work and other things. After the job disaster I outlined in my last post, I knew I needed to change my plans. I knew there was something better planned for me! I spent all day yesterday getting my admission status changed to Summer 2012, registering for the already picked over classes, and un-declining my scholarship. Everything has worked out perfectly! I am so blessed:)

Anyway, I've been thoroughly cleaning my room. I started last week and have been working through mini projects. On Sunday, the RS lesson was about personal revelation. We talked about how having a clean and orderly home invites the Holy Spirit. How inspiring and timely! I have this folder of neat papers/poems I've written in different English classes throughout high school. I'd love to be able to throw this folder away without losing everything. Sooooo, I'm going to begin posting them more often!

The first one is a found poem (only words from the section can be used) based off of a scene from Charlotte Bronte's "Jane Eyre." (MY FAVORITE BOOK!) I was pretty pleased with it:)

I looked into my heart
With a strict hand.
There were wishes I had been cherishing,
And indulging.
But reason devoured the ideal.
I pronounced judgment:
Of importance to him in anyway?
Be ashamed of your secret love:
Unreturned, unknown, and devouring.

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