June 15, 2012

It hasn't been a perfect fairy tale the past couple of weeks, but a few things give me hope:

1. The cute song you wrote for me before leaving for high adventure. (It's hanging in my room.)

2. The way you encourage me to keep running when we go to the gym even though my legs feel like jelly. I'm  not in the least athletic, but you've been so patient with me. I can't wait until we run my first 5k in two weeks!

3. Today while babysitting your niece and nephew, I saw that your boutonniere from Prom 2011 was on your dresser. It was shriveled up and dead, but still there. I first noticed it there the day you came home from the ER three months ago. It's a nice reminder. It means a lot to me that you've kept it.

I miss you and look forward to spending time with you for my birthday.

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