June 8, 2012

summer has been crazy thus far...

I have a feeling that my entire life will be this way. I will constantly be running from one thing to the next! Not even summer will give me a break. Luckily, being busy makes it a little easier to be happy.

The main story is this: I started a job at an office last week and ended up quitting this week.

Red flag #1: I found the job offer on craigslist.

Red flag #2: I could not get hold of the person that was supposed to interview me. He finally called me and had me meet up with him at a park.

Red flag #3: I was told I'd be working with customers, and was instead put into a lonely room to make phone calls...I was a telemarketer (it was miserable!!)

Red flag #4: I was never given any legal paperwork to fill out, even after I asked for it.

Red flag #5: It was super difficult to get a hold of my boss.

So I finally quit. As it ends up, the office was not yet licensed to hire anyone or withhold taxes from employees. I am now searching for a job again...

Besides that, I've been doing lots of work for the party and the Christy Kane campaign, I got a pass of all passes, I'm looking into purchasing a car, I turn 18 in 11 days, and I'm preparing for TSA Nationals in Tennessee!:)


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