November 30, 2010


I love math. I'm nerdy :) it's fun.

So........My teacher.
She's way serious. And really strict. But she's AMAZING. She's so focused and dedicated. And if you needed math help, she would stay until midnight to help you, no lie. Today, she told a joke :) I laughed.

Here it goes,
In calculus, when you find the critical point, and you want to know if it's a maximum or a minimum, you plug it into the second derivative. Like such:

f " (X)

X being the critical point.

Anyway, if your answer comes out positive, then that means that the graph is concave up; thus, creating a minimum:

If your answer comes out negative, then you have a concave down slope. That's when you have a maximum!!!
GET IT?! :)

Umm....kay. I laughed :)

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