November 17, 2010


Hi, my name is Sarah Kala and for the THIRD TIME (yes) I am going to try blogging. And every time I make a new blog, I swear I have no where to start. Umm...... I will tell you about my title (;

He Pua Laha'ole means "a flower not common."
I pick this for 2 reasons :)

1 - I am beautiful

Yes, I think I'm really pretty :) But not the supermodel 5'8", size 2, blonde hair, skinny legs kind of pretty. I think I'm unusually beautiful. My eyes change color, my hair touches my hips, and my bottom lashes are longer than most people's top lashes. I'm a definite pair shape and I smile more than is healthy. I think it's beautiful :) Thus, I am a flower not common :) see, eh?

2 - I am strange

While most teenagers are concerned with fictional vampires and werewolves, my whole life revolves around school. I base my self-esteem on numbers; my near perfect GPA and 33 ACT score. I feel like I've never fit in with people my age. They're so shallow and narrow minded. I'm strange because I actually care. I don't conform and so that makes me "not common."

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