November 30, 2010


Okay, final one for today...I PROMISE! It's almost 10 and I actually feel like sleeping tonight :)

I wrote this in 9th grade English. We had to submit a poem to some contest. I wrote mine the night before (no surprise, heh heh) and I must have been on something, because it turned out really weird.


Daisies are bright and colorful
Full of life
They are my favorite
Seeing them makes me happy
Receiving them is even better

Pink, orange, yellow, purple
They are exciting
Their petals are soft
I wonder what they taste like…

If I could run through a field of flowers,
I would pick Gerber daisies
But I would feel guilty if I stepped on any

Let’s pretend that I am a daisy;
I would be a green one

I love Daisies!

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